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Why El Sheikh

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Why El Sheikh Tex

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Our Vision

To be a global market player and a European market leader in Textile & Towels and clothes by tripling its performance by 2012.

Our objectives:

- Our corporate objective is to have, under the leadership of our CEO, the introduction and implementation of a program for change. The objective is access to the summit.
The task force will include the management of the marketing, production, finance and logistics department.
Given the crucial aspect of product and process development in accordance with market requirements, we will introduce a standardized product and process development procedure, as well as a market information system.
Performance Improvement Program as required by ISO 9000.

Export objective

Our export marketing objective is to enter to the consumer Market through our product in the global markets, and generate a first year sales of at least 75,000 USD
Grow by 50% each year thereafter. We aim at one lead
Customer in the market, with whom we intend to establish a long
Lasting business relationship, based on exclusivity.
Our product and process development objective is to bring our
Product assortment adapt to Customer specifications, and to be able to launch together.
Our medium and long term objective for our product is to apply the experience we develop with our trade partner in target markets, to realize export sales equaling 80% of our total Turnover within 2 years.